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Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Lowers Risk Group provides comprehensive enterprise risk management
solutions to organizations operating in high-risk, highly-regulated
environments and organizations that value risk mitigation.

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Enterprise Risk Management

The international leader in enterprise-wide risk mitigation and loss prevention, Lowers & Associates (L&A) sets the standard for creating programs that protect your organization and its interests. Offering a comprehensive set of risk assessment, audit, investigation,and compliance solutions, L&A brings extensive experience to the design of short- or long-term programs that address your specific needs.


The Latest from Lowers & Associates

Early Identification: Key to Effective Risk Management
July 25, 2017

Risk practitioners tend to categorize risks based on the level of knowledge about the occurrence (known or unknown) and the level of knowledge about the...


5 Methods to Manage Today’s Healthcare Security Environment [SlideShare]
June 1, 2017

Healthcare security professionals today are directly impacted by the reality of a rapidly changing environment. The security function, as with many others, is being asked...


What the Future Holds for the Healthcare Security Practitioner [SlideShare]
May 4, 2017

The healthcare security practitioner is confronted by an alarming level of violence from a wide range of threats. Many people do not understand that healthcare...


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Employment Screening Services

Proforma Screening Solutions provides comprehensive employment screening services and solutions to mitigate risk and support the business goals of today’s human capital-driven organizations. Proforma’s programs go beyond simple reporting to drive compliance, enhance safety, and boost performance throughout each organization.


The Latest from Proforma Screening Solutions

Employee Background Checks: Balancing Fairness and Fitness
August 16, 2017

When employers use background checks to evaluate candidates for a job, the obvious goal is to find the best, most qualified person for the job....


4 Trends Impacting Your Employment Screening Process
August 9, 2017

The nature of work and the face of today’s workforce is changing. These changes are forcing companies to adapt in many ways, including in hiring....


How to Perform a Role-Related Risk Assessment
July 27, 2017

Your pre-employment background screening program is an important part of your overall risk management strategy. All of the risks you are trying to mitigate with...


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Public Records Research and Verifications

Wholesale Screening Solutions is the go-to source of vital data for employmentscreening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation service providers nationwide.Combining innovative technology and deep human insight, Wholesale Screening deliversunique value to enable better, more efficient decision making and greater compliance.Court records, social media searches, reference data, and more, are fast, accurate, andaffordable with Wholesale Screening.


The Latest from Wholesale Screening Solutions

How We Use Fighter Pilot Decision-Making to Exceed Your Expectations
August 17, 2017

In the line of combat, fighter pilots must make quick, informed decisions to outmaneuver an opponent. Air Force pilot and military strategist, John Boyd, introduced...


A Formula for Quality: How We’ve Solved the Quality Problems in West Virginia
July 25, 2017

When you process several million public records research requests each year, you are able to discern patterns. You can also predict how long a specific...


Boots on the Ground: Q&A with West Virginia and Tennessee Public Records Solutions
July 20, 2017

Wholesale Screening Solutions has identified deeply-rooted issues with research quality and turnaround times in the states of West Virginia and Tennessee, and beginning in 2013,...


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