Forces at Work

role of HR in ERM

Complimentary Whitepaper:

Trends Impacting HR's Role in Enterprise Risk Management

Recently the management consulting firm, Deloitte, produced an astounding report centering on a critical, dual imperative that HR organizations currently face. That is to enable their organizations to grow and to drive efficiency in the business of HR.

In this whitepaper, we delve into forces at work expanding the role of HR in enterprise risk management (ERM).

We will look at how an organization’s human capital risk management (HCRM) practices must evolve in order to protect people, brands, and profits. And we present a framework for the key components of an effective ERM program.

Are you among the fewer than one-third who believe their organizations assess human capital risks effectively? Or even among the 24% who believe they do an ineffective job altogether? This whitepaper is for you.

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