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Symposium 2022 St. Louis, MO | June 8-9, 2022

Globally Trusted Pre-Risk and Post-Loss Consulting for Risk Managers and Insurance Professionals

Risk mitigation is, at its core, an instrument for growth. Using a strategic risk consulting approach, the team at Lowers Risk Group brings over 40 years of diverse subject matter expertise in high-risk, high-compliance industries to enable our clients to build brighter, more resilient futures.

As a single-point of contact, Lowers makes managing complex pre-risk and post-loss security challenges simple. From pre-risk assessments to post-loss investigations, we’ve helped clients Mitigate Uncertainty related to crime and workplace violence, value at risk, BI, human capital, natural disasters, cyber, and more.

Big or small, when losses happen, organizations around the globe have learned to trust the Lowers name. How can we help you?

Featured Session:

Property Valuation Panel
June 9, 2022 | 9:30am - 10:15am (CDT)
Ballroom A/B
Speaker: Joe Scarlato, CSO, Lowers Risk Group

Featured Solutions:

Lowers blends the best of human expertise, applied automation, and technology to deliver bespoke risk management solutions for our clients.

Pre-Risk Mitigation

  • Surveys & Audits
  • Security Needs Assessments
  • Crime & Workplace Violence Mitigation Strategies
  • Global Drone Solutions
  • Anti-Fraud, Corporate Compliance & Training
  • Active Assailant Incident Training

Post-Loss Response

  • Complex Loss Adjusting & Global Claims Management
  • Insurance Claims Forensic Accounting and Consulting
  • Fraud, Forensic Accounting & Corruption Investigations
  • Intelligence, Integrity & Loss-Prevention Services

The Lowers Risk Group Ecosystem

Organizations in high-risk, highly regulated environments can’t afford to be stuck going in circles with their unique risk. Let us be your single point of contact to manage every stage of a loss event.


Serving retail, hospitality, healthcare, financial institutions, higher education, government and more, we apply tailored best practices and cross-industry insights to mitigate unique risks faced by your business, or that of your clients.

Meet the Team

Joe Scarlato

CSO, Lowers Risk Group

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Danielle Kaminski

COO, Lowers Risk Group
President, Periculus
Executive Advisor, Adjusteck

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Henry P. Dicker

Chief Client Engagement Officer, Lowers Risk Group

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Jon D. Groussman

President - Lowers & Associates Consulting

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Danielle Gardiner

SVP, Lowers Forensics International

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Brian Fell

Senior EGA, EVP US Operations, Adjusteck

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Sam Ostrander

Senior Director of Business Solutions, Lowers Risk Group

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