Custodial Crypto Transportation and Storage: Understanding and Mitigating the Risks

Learn about the risks and practices of secure cold storage and transportation of cryptocurrency in this whitepaper from Lowers & Associates.
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[Slideshow] CIT Carriers: Emerging ITM Program Risks

This slideshow sheds light on emerging risks CIT carriers face as they look to expand their banking relationships to handle ITM servicing.
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A CIT Carrier's Guide to Building Your ITM Program

This guide tackles the essentials for CIT carriers navigating the adoption of ITMs, mitigating the challenges that accompany it, and capitalizing on the opportunity it brings to expand into new markets.
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A Complete Solution for Commercial Crime Policies

The Lowers Risk Group team has a long history of serving crime and fidelity insurance underwriters and brokers operating across the globe. We offer a range of services to help remove or defray risk, prevent and identify fraud, and verify claims.
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Infographic: The State of Violence in the CIT Industry

It is paramount for CIT operators to proactively address this rising threat. In our latest infographic, we present the most up-to-date research on armored car robberies and offer 8 ways to combat the threat of violent robberies. 
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Slideshow: 18 Fraud Facts to Drive Your 2018 Fraud Prevention Plan

Our latest slideshow features 18 facts straight from the ACFE’s bi-annual Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse. 
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healthcare security program
Slideshow: What Makes a High Reliability Organization?

HROs have the unique ability to deliver stunning reliability in complex environments. How do they do it? What makes an HRO? Our latest slideshow provides a glimpse inside.
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healthcare security program
The Making of a High Reliability Organization [Infographic]

This infographic gives a fast summary of the characteristics of an HRO. Managers of every organization should be familiar with HROs to evaluate how they might adopt operational and cultural factors that lead to very high reliability to their own environments.
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[Whitepaper] Building a High Reliability Organization

In this whitepaper, we summarize the remarkable achievements of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) and describe how these organizations deliver stunning reliability in complex environments.
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healthcare security program
[Whitepaper] 3 Key Components of an Effective Healthcare Security Program

In this whitepaper, we take an in-depth look at how today's healthcare security strategies can keep pace with today's dynamic challenges.
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hr threat assessment
[Whitepaper] The Critical Role of HR Threat Assessments

This whitepaper will help you understand the vital role of HR threat assessments and give you guidance on how to help keep unknown risks from damaging your people, brands, and profits.
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active assailant incident management
[Infographic] Active Assailant Incident Management

Better understand the unlikely but devastating problem, including some insight into an assailant and a typical incident, and what to do to predict, prevent, and respond if a shooting occurs.
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occupational fraud
[Whitepaper] Occupational Fraud: What You Need to Know

Gain an in-depth look at the complexities of occupational fraud, so you can prevent, detect, minimize, and/or recover from it.
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workplace violence prevention
[Infographic] Workplace Violence Prevention: What You Need to Know to Build a Safer Workplace

Our latest infographic outlines the dimension of this epidemic problem, how far the impact extends, and what to do to predict, prevent, and recover from incidents.
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anti money laundering
Anti-Money Laundering: Safeguarding the Banking System from Financial Crime [Infographic]

Our infographic highlights the typical 3-step money laundering cycle and outlines key components of an effective anti-money laundering program.
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social engineering fraud
Social Engineering Fraud: Loss Prevention & Control Guidelines

This white paper covers the fundamentals of social engineering and provides the necessary tools for preventing loss within your organization.
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anti money laundering
Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Customer

This whitepaper covers key topics and guidelines relevant to BSA/AML compliance, including the 5 main areas of an AML compliance program.
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The Essential Guide to Social Media Background Screening

Our guide helps you navigate the treacherous social media waters and shows you how to use it as part of your employment screening process to yield better hiring decisions.
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10 Facts About Fraud

In this visual guide we highlight 10 facts about fraud from the ACFE’s 2014 report and offer tips to help your organization develop an effective fraud prevention program.
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Individualized Assessments: Using Criminal Background Checks in the Hiring Process

This whitepaper looks at recently issued guidance from the EEOC to employers concerning the need for individualized assessments in the employment screening process. We offer a model you can follow to design a hiring process that is both fair to applicants and effective in managing your organization's human capital risk.
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The Employer’s Dilemma: Job Applicants with Criminal Records [Infographic]

This infographic explores the employer’s dilemma and offers advice on how you can establish background screening and hiring practices that achieve both goals.
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Banking Audit: A New World

Additional levels of oversight within the financial institution and third party service providers of financial institutions have emerged since the financial crisis of 2008. This paper looks at changes to the regulations that are impacting the armored carrier industry and the financial institutions that work with them.
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Security & Collaboration in the Cash Management Industry

In this paper, we outline the CIT system and the cash management industry, identify key vulnerabilities, and highlight controls for some of these risks.
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Elements of a Comprehensive Background Check [Infographic]

The infographic offers brief descriptions of various background checks, ranging from basic employment and education verification to more technical public records searches. These multi-layered, multi-year data sources can be extremely valuable for employers who know how to make use of them.
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The Employment Screening Process: A Bird's Eye View [Infographic]

This infographic helps pull the pieces of a model background screening process together in one place. It can be adapted to your HR hiring practices and will help your organziation comply with the essential requirements contained in the EEOC's guidance.
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Forces at Work: Trends Impacting HR's Role in Enterprise Risk Management

In this whitepaper, we delve into forces at work expanding the role of HR in enterprise risk management (ERM). We look at how an organization’s human capital risk management (HCRM) practices must evolve in order to protect people, brands, and profits.
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People: At the Epicenter of Risk

Human capital risk is a significant part of the Enterprise Risk Management puzzle. This whitepaper explores how employers can identify and mitigate the four most important employee-related risk factors within a comprehensive ERM framework.
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Managing the Risks of Your Extended Workforce

While an extended workforce can offer many benefits, it also brings clear risks that many organizations unfortunately fail to properly manage. This 12-page guide explores key topics associated with risk management and employment screening for an extended workforce.
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ATM Cash Risk Mitigation: Service Providers (CIT Carriers) Best Practices

Protecting the cash that funds your ATM program is paramount for every ATM deployer. ATM cash differences, thefts, and losses can quickly erode the profitability and threaten operations.
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Detecting Fraud: Data Mining Techniques

Data mining is used to detect fraud by identifying patterns across multiple disciplines and databases. Watch this video to hear Mark Lowers, Founder and CEO of Lowers & Associates, discuss the role of data mining.
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The Fraud Triangle: A Model for Understanding Why People Commit Fraud

The Fraud Triangle model, developed by famed criminologist Donald R. Cressey, is useful in understanding the circumstances and rationale behind occupational fraud. How can the damaging acts of an employee be explained?
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Human Capital Risk: EEOC & CFPB/FTC Scrutiny of Employment Background Screening Programs

This presentation offers strategies for managing human capital risks while you drive compliance, enhance workplace safety, increase productivity, boost overall organizational performance, and reduce occupational fraud.
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Occupational Fraud Management & Crime Insurance

If your organization has crime exposures, you need to understand occupational fraud and the methods proven to mitigate it. This presentation explores many facets of occupational fraud management and crime insurance.
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